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As an industry leader and proud makers of the Original Frappe Vino Frozen Wine & Cocktail Slush Mix, we at d’marie are fully confident that we can help your business achieve greater success.

Why d’marie products are the perfect mix for your success

* Unlike other drink mixes, d’marie products are made from all-natural ingredients – no artificial flavoring or lots of sugar here.


* Our mixes act as a base to simply slush your drink which allows the flavor of your wines, champagnes, spirits and ciders to shine through. (Most other mixes mask and taint the flavor of your drinks instead.)


* Our drink mixes are extremely profitable. You can sell a glass of slush for up to 20 times the cost of the mix used in the drink.


* Not only can you serve money-making slushes for your customers by the glass but you can also add-on sales by offering our retail packaged mix along with a bottle of your wine or spirits so your customers can make the delicious drink they just had at home too.


* Adding wine slushes and toasty drinks to your offerings is a perfect way to attract more customers and turn them into loyal ones.

Why Partner with d’marie?

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* CUSTOMER SERVICE | We provide outstanding customer service by training our clients, teaching business owners about their COGS, offering private labeling and more.


* EASY TO GET STARTED | We offer a turn-key comprehensive program for wineries, orchards, bars, restaurants, etc. to easily mix up money-making slushes with our superior, quality products.


* HIGHLY PROFITABLE | We solve cash flow issues – our business program is extremely profitable and we offer exclusive pricing for wholesale customers.


* INCREASE REVENUE | We help business owners like you achieve your financial goals, increase your repeat purchase rate, and add on sales by selling our retail package along with a bottle of your wine or spirits.


* REPEAT BUSINESS | Our drink mixes will inspire you to continuously concoct a variety of exciting mixed drinks that your customers will come back for again and again!

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